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Alan Holdsworth and Soft works live Baja Prog

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SOFT WORKS is a supergroup consisting exclusively of ex-members of SOFT MACHINE. Indeed, a remarkable line-up! British jazz-rock pioneers Elton DEAN, Allan HOLDSWORTH, Hugh HOPPER and John MARSHALL deliver their most impressive performances to date. The collective and individual talents of these legendary players blend to create a heady mix of fusion, progressive rock, and jazz. They have reunited on this trippy recording that is among the most easily explored jazz adventures of this year.

“Abracadabra” is a fine recording of fusion jazz which please followers of any or all of the contributing players, and attract new listeners as well. The album comes highly recommended only to those whose passions for music are exclusively on the jazzy side of Jazz-Fusion. It is a testament to the fact that the best players do not sit still; they evolve, and SOFT WORKS is a group that is all about growth

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