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I Love Concert Videos – Alice Cooper – Poison (Taken from "Raise the Dead")

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“Raise the Dead – Live From Wacken” is the first in a series of legendary Wacken performances to be released, which are to be directly related to the Wacken Foundation.

For each sold DVD / CD € 1.00 will be donated directly to the Wacken Foundation.

22 songs LIVE – a phenomenal stage show in 3 acts, with three completely different stage sets:

1. Glam Rock – classic rock phase
2. Welcome to my Nightmare – spectacular Shock Rock in an elaborate stage show
3. Raise the Dead – Alice pays homage to the late Rock’n’Roll icons such as Keith Moon and Jim Morrison

All the classics in a single concert and Alice Cooper, one of the best entertainers of all time! Enjoy the show! Enjoy Raise the Dead!

Watch the clip Poison befor it will be released on DVD/Blu-ray on 20th october in UK and 21th october in US.

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Enjoy and stay Metal! m/

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Alice Cooper – Poison (Taken from "Raise the Dead") LIVE MUSIC!

Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse of Reason

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