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Bezeq- LIVE 3D transatlantic performance- case study

For the first time in the world, a live performance, broadcasted in 3D on a fixed line, between two continents. The performance was screened in Israel in front of the general public.

Bezeq, Israel’s largest telecommunications company, wanted to show the public the capabilities of its new broadband: the The next generation network, Or in short: “NGN”.
The Challenge:We wanted to showcase to Bezeq’s customers the power and capabilities of the world’s most advanced Web technology .

The Solution:To bring one country to another in 3D using the NGN broadband!Or in simple words- bring England to Israel via NGN. We wanted to show that via Bezeq’s broadband an entire 3D show can be sent and broadcasted live across the ocean- and thus prove that Bezeq’s Broadband, NGN, is the best in the world!
for a full case study: http://tinyurl.com/33lu4e3

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