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Bill Nelson's Orchestra Arcana ‎– Optimism (Cocteau, 1988) Full Album [Electronic]

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“Due to a contractual dispute with his record label, prolific art punk turned electro rock pioneer Bill Nelson was obliged to record under his Orchestra Arcana alias on several 1980s releases.

Recorded in the mid-80s in Nelson’s Echo Observatory home studio – as he grandly christened the room above his kitchen – Optimism was an album of musique concrète montages, programmed beats and loops, layered with found sounds and vocal samples.“

“Supreme Cold New Age Beat! And the magnificent ambient world that spreads out and spreads … The sound work like a sound image of the universe in the brain stings! New Wave ~ Ambient ~ Rock ~ New Age likes An essential board that hits the spinal cord!”

Bill Nelson’s Orchestra Arcana ‎– Optimism
Label: Enigma Records ‎– 7 73344-1
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1988

Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Experimental, Ambient

A1 Exactly The Way You Want It 0:00
A2 Why Be Lonely 3:17
A3 Everyday Is A Better Day 4:36
A4 The Receiver And The Fountain Pen 6:52
A5 Welcome Home, Mr. Kane 9:45
A6 This Is True 14:19
A7 Greeting A New Day 15:47
A8 The Breath In My Father’s Saxophone 17:38
B1 Our Lady Of Apparitions 20:00
B2 The Whole City Between Us 22:21
B3 Deva Dance 25:57
B4 Always Looking Forward To Tomorrow 27:33
B5 World Thru’ Fast Car Window 29:57
B6 Profiles, Hearts, Stars 31:36
B7 Daughter Of Dream Come True 36:59
B8 Alchemia 38:57


Bill Nelson's Orchestra Arcana ‎– Optimism (Cocteau, 1988) Full Album [Electronic] Views: 462

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