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Blackfield – Cloudy Now (live 2004 with Chris Maitland)

This is an improved version of a vid I made a few years ago, with upgraded video quality. Here’s the original description:

This performance was recorded for a TV show and is available elsewhere on youtube. However, an audio-only version of the same performance was released on the bonus disc added to the limited version of Blackfield’s first album. That version has a much better mix and overall quality. Hence, I synched thebetter audio with the video and here it is.

I do not own the rights to the audio and video, I just combined the clip for youtube users to enjoy.

Blackfield – Cloudy Now (live)

Aviv Geffen – acoustic guitar, vocals
Steven Wilson – vocals, electric guitar
Seffi Efrati – bass
Daniel Salomon – keyboards, vocals
Chris Maitland – drums, percussion, vocals

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