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Kraftwerk are recognized worldwide for four decades as pioneers of electronic pop music.

kraftwerkTrans Europa Express was a turning point for the German supergroup.

Some of their best songs are on that hot disc. Can you dig the fresh sounds of Berlin pop on your computer? If yes – watch these fine videos of Kraftwerk performing live.

In October 2009, as a re-release is the catalog of the 8 power plant albums that were this all refurbished and a digital Klingklang remastering subjected.

The artwork was reconstructed with previously unpublished original photos, drawings and computer graphics from the power station archives and expanded.

Look – it’s Kraftwerk live in 2012 – yes it is!

Kraftwerk live on German TV

I love to rock!

If you are into electronic music you should look up the band Marconi Union.

I discovered them recently on Spotify and have been digging their tunes big time. You do use Spotify – don’t you?

Here are some good videos from marconi Union you should check out on I Love Concert Videos.

Marconi Union Live in Prague

Marconi Union Weightless video – elements of electronica, ambient, jazz and dub.

Check out their song Sleepless


I love to rock!