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Giuseppe Andrews Plays The Convenience Store

On his way to fame and stardom this dude is going places!

From Live Appearance on Look.

I love to rock!

Giuseppe Andrews Plays “Electrocuted” the song from the TV Series Look. Haven’t seen the show? It’s amazing!

This dude is mega talented. Know what I mean?


I love to rock!

There is a cool new tv show on Showtime I have been turning people onto called Look.

Look the series Trailer – get an idea by watching the promo trailer

Apparently there was a movie before that (haven’t sen it yet) but the tv show is really a novel concept and very well done. It’s fake reality tv as seen through the lenses of security cameras. It’s great fun to watch!

> More on Look the TV series on Showtime

Well – what I wanted to turn you guys onto here was some of the music from tv show. Especially the stuff with Giuseppe Andrews performing live at the gas station.

Electrocuted by Giuseppe Andrews live in Mini Mart – playing it for his buddy.

Here is the Electrocuted music video from Look they shot using security footage of their show in the mini mart!

Giuseppe Andrews plays More Songs From Look – I’m not sure but they may be recording this in a mobile home…

Don’t wanna a phone – don’t wanna fax – all I want is a bikini wax.

Bikini Wax – low budget never looked or sounded so good! Hey it makes her beaver look more like a bear!

Sexy Television – another song from Giuseppe

OK – that’s enough now – but if you’re like me – you justfound an interst in finding mroe music from Giuseppe Andrews and the tv show Look.

I love to rock!