If you LOVE guitar music – it’s likely you know who Steve Vai is.

I’ve been following steve Vai for a long time. He’s been a big part of what I listen to music wise, and also since I play guitar I owe a lot to him for shaping my own style and sound.

Throughout time I have had the pleasure of seeing Steve perform live with both Zappa and later with his own band, back when he came out with his first record, and also at NAMM.

I remember seeing Steve Vai live at the FM Machine in Los Angeles. It was a small venue and the event was magical. It also was a big deal for me because we brought our boom box and actually recorded the whole show.

While I can’t say the recording was very good quality wise – it captured what I consider among the best periods of Steve Vai’s career and documented how the musical adventure started.

Some day I’ll try to clean up that mufled cassette recording and share it – but for now – there is simply so much available that you can watch and listen to featurring steve Vai – I suggest you go and get a good dose right now!

Top Steve Vai tracks you should watch and listen to:

Steve Vai For The Love of God live with the Holland Metropole Orchestra in 2005

Steve Vai TEC Awards – Les Paul Award – good bio and background of Steve

Steve Vai – Building The Church – live – excellent song performed live

Steve Vai Interviw 2009 at NAMM – talks about designing his own amp for Carvin

More Steve Vai Live – check out all the great video clips!

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