One of my favorite guitar players is Steve Morse. He is kind of an underground guitar god that deserves more exposure. I will now expose Steve Morse.

You may know Steve Morse from the Dixie Dregs (the Dregs) or perhaps you know of his solo stuff as Steve Morse Band. Regardless – Steve Morse guy can play guitar! I think he also flies airplanes.

The style is hard to pin down – but jazz fusion – progressive rock – metal at times and even country funk and orchestral rock worki into the songs this guy shreds guitar on.

At the time I found out about the Dregs I was really into progressive music like Billy Cobham, Yes and Gong and Holdsworth and such and these guys were playing that kind of creative stuff.

Me and my buddies used to go to the NAMM shows in Anaheim every year and we’d usually bump into Steve Morse and some of the other Dregs like Andy West, T Lavitz and Rod Morgenstein.

Andy West is the ultimate bass player. My friend Tim used to take lessons from him when we lived up in the Bay Area.

Rod Morgenstein is one of the best drummers ever! He’s also played around – perhaps most notably with metal band Winger.

I’m guessing but I have probably seen the Dregs and – or Steve Morse perform live around a 10 or 20 times including NAMM jams and such. Somewhere I have cassettes of live shows we have recorded (awful quality of course).

What’s great about the internet is that fans of music are now sharing their recordings! There is a wealth of music from live shows and concerts out there for almost every band and recording artist.

Here are some good Steve Morse Live Performance videos to check out.

Steve Morse Band Ice Cakes Live – rock and roll and that Holdsworth sound too mixed in!

Dixie Dregs Live Concert 1981 – original lineup – Andy West, Steve Morse T Lavitz and Rod Morgenstein

Steve Morse General Lee Live 1990 – try to pin a label on thi sone!

Steve Morse Simple Simon Live Concert – performing with Steve Morse Band in 1994.

Steve Morse jamming at a Guitar Clinic – in Montana in 2008

Steve Morse Guitar Solo – long and winding just like the road.