It Bites. It’s weird. I know.

Every once in a while I will remember and reflect on music I used to own on vinyl  and wonder what ever happened to…

I wondered what ever happened to IT BITES, the prog rock band from my past and no doubt many others. They had a unique blend of pop vocals and hard hitting rock guitar and prog keywords in the mid to late 80’s that almost hit it big.

Unlike Top 40 or hit music in general, progressive rock music has a loyal and faithful following so very often a band that gains even marginal mass success can carve out a career super serving it’s biggest fans.

I’m glad to say this appears to be the case with It Bites, the English band that has an actual web site and sells stuff! How cool is that!

So if you’re a fan of the band or just looking for sme cool prog rock tunes to discover I have a few key songs for you to check out on live music video here at I Love Concert Videos

It Bites Calling All The Heroes – live show from 1986 at Whsitle Test – good quality almost sounds like it was a studio recording. Very good!

It Bites Live Screaming on The Beaches – 1989 in Tokyo – excellent! The y have long hair and don’t look so 1980’s goofy as when they started.

It Bites Live – Turn Me Loose –  Live Show in Alabama 1987

2011 It Bites Live Show Recording – it is mixed terribly but you can see what they look like and almost sing along!

Wow.. that was cool for me! I hope you dig It Bites! They’re worth looking up!

More at It Bites Live Concert – more videos!