You must see the new Justin Timberlake videos for his new album JT The 20/20 Experience!

justin-timberlake-20-20-experience-new-album While I must say I have not been a big fan of Justin Timberlake’s music in the past, I have admired him as an actor and as a personality.

But this all changed this past week as I discovered his music was really good by seeing Justin Timberlake perform live songs from his new album on TV.

Justin Timberlakes live performances on Saturday Night Live and during Timberweek on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon were really good.

I am pleasantly surprised at how much I dig the tunes and just by watching how they got in my brain and are following me around.

Whether you are a JT music fan or not – I suggest you have a try and watch these hot live performance clips of Justin Timberlake performing live. The music is better than you may expect and who knows – you may become a big new fan like me!

Oh – and oddly enough I decided to look up Justin Timberlake online and am saddened to see so much stuff that is getting down on him and hating. Hey – don’t hate on JT!

Watch these Justin Timberlake videos

Justin Timberlake Suit and Tie Live on SNL Saturday Night Live – great performance!

Justin Timberlake Mirrors Live on Saturday Night Live – SNL

Justin Timberlake Impression of Jimmy Fallon


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