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Do you love lofi hip hop?

Check out Mount Fuji Dropouts World Premiere Music Video at Chilled Lofi

If you love chill music you are going to dig Chilled Lofi

I love to rock!

Kaviar – Pretty ( Kevin Gilbert )


I love to rock!

Allan Holdsworth – White Line (live)


The Tubes Live at the Arena Birmingham 14th November 2017


I love to rock!

Giuseppe Andrews Plays “Electrocuted” the song from the TV Series Look. Haven’t seen the show? It’s amazing!

This dude is mega talented. Know what I mean?


I love to rock!

Streaming music has never been more fun than with Spotify and!

I find myself using them all the time. Are you using Spotify yet?

It’s very cool and lets you listen to songs for free! Yes you actually can start them and play from beginning on demand when you want.

The main catch is there are commercials.

So this is radio!

I use it to discover new music. I have written about it at the tumblr blog. Check it out!

Spotify at Best New Songs

I love to rock!

I love Porcupine Tree! They’re the most solid progressive rock band to emerge and stay on the scene until current day!

There are a ton of fantastic videos with Porcupine Tree performing live.

Here are some of my favorite live videos from tv show performances by the band.

Porcupine Tree Trains Live on German TV

Progfest Waiting Live by Porcupine Tree

Porcupine Tree Trains Live 2003 MHZTV

Italian Language TV with Live Performance by Porcupine Tree of Open Car – very heavy!

Almost Porcupine Tree – it’s Blackfield LIVE on Israel TV

That’s some good viewing! The videos should make you smile!

More videos at Porcupine Tree Performing Live on TV

I love to rock!

Transatlantic is one of the best progressive rock bands out there and features the talents of guitarist Roine Stolt of Flower Kings, Neal Morse from Spock’s Beard, Marillion Bass player Pete Trewaves and Drummer Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater.

I stumbled upon them by accident and now I can’t get enough! I have all their cd’s (they have several actually!) but fortunately I just found a bunch of fantastic live concert videos by Transatlantic!

I’ll list them here so you can check them out! They rock!

My New World Live by Transatlantic – that’s part one – wow – the quality is awesome and they do a fantastic performance of their song – sounds as good or better than the album! Here is part two of My New World Live by Transatlantic

Return of the Giant Hogweed Live by Transatlantic – hand held video might be from a cellular phone but who cares – this is a top rate performance of the Genesis classic!

More Transatlantic Live Concert Videos

If you know of any good videos by Transatlantic please feel free to link them in teh comments section!

I’ll be adding more as there is so much good stuff from Transatlantic!

I love to rock!

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Stay tuned – we have a lot coming around the corner!

I love to rock!