Jordan Rudess has a musical message for Japan who was hit by the earthquake and tsunamis 5 days ago.

Jordan Rudess For Japan – playing the piano (inspired).

Jordan Rudess is best known as the keyboard player in Dream Theater although he is on many great recordings.

I was making my morning smoothie and coffee and I let iTunes Genius pick out some tunes for me and out comes Jordan Rudess to shake up my morning!

Man this guy is one super uber talented musician.

I decided to FINALLY take the time to look him up proper on the net and find out more about him and try to dig up some videos.

I have his album Rhythm of Time which is absolutely amazing! I must say though it has been buried in there with all those other tunes – so I rarely really spend time with it. So that’s why I thought – let’s look up and see what’s going on.

First thing I found that I was inspired to visit was the Jordan Rudess Twitter page

That’s what led me to the Musical Message for Japan video Jordan posted on Youtube.

Man – this is crazy insane – MorphWiz Surprise Jordan Rudess on Piano with split screen playing Morph lead line! Hmmm… Maybe I do want an iPad after all…

Another One RnL and Jordan Rudess with iPads – man this is awesome! Where di this come from? The notes say this is an actual recorded perfromance. These guys are killing it! Great work!

James LaBrie and RnL Interview – with musical performances edited in.

Here is a video I had already snagged with Jordan Rudess and Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree. Steven Wilson & Jordan Rudess Lazarus Live

Jordon Rudess and Rod Morganstein play at Roland during NAMM 2007 – decent quality

That’s some pretty cool stuff! I hope it sets you off on your own personal journey of music discovery!