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Giuseppe Andrews Plays The Convenience Store

On his way to fame and stardom this dude is going places!

From Live Appearance on Look.

I love to rock!

Giuseppe Andrews Plays “Electrocuted” the song from the TV Series Look. Haven’t seen the show? It’s amazing!

This dude is mega talented. Know what I mean?


I love to rock!

Streaming music has never been more fun than with Spotify and!

I find myself using them all the time. Are you using Spotify yet?

It’s very cool and lets you listen to songs for free! Yes you actually can start them and play from beginning on demand when you want.

The main catch is there are commercials.

So this is radio!

I use it to discover new music. I have written about it at the tumblr blog. Check it out!

Spotify at Best New Songs

I love to rock!