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Dream Theater – Cemetary Gates (HQ) [Live Cover 2005]

Cemetary Gates:
Originally recorded by Pantera.
Recorded Live in Grand Prairie, TX – 8/2/05

*Symphony X’s Russell Allen + Fear Factory’s Burton C Bell + Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine **

By the time 2005 rolled around, we were celebrating our 20th anniversary and i was writing a setlist that went through the band’s history chronologically ecah night. so that tour did not have any “on-off covers”…with the exception of this one. We began the 2005 touring cycle by jumping on board the very first version of Megadeth’s Gigantour. Back in early 2004, I had decided we should cover this soing as a one-off the next time we rolled through the Dallas area, but we ended up never playing in Texas on the ToT tour (this was before Dimebag was tragically killed…).The next time we played in Texas was on Gigantour and the Dimebag tragedy had happened months earlier…so we finally got to cover it and it’s impact was now magnified tenfold because of the situation.

I decided to elevate the song from merely a “cover” to more of a “tribute”, and Invited Symphony X’s Russell Allen, Fear Factory’s Burton C Bell and Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine to join us on stage for the song. It was a very special moment for everybody in attendance that nigh (from both sides of the stage). The next day, I received an email from Vinnie Paul who was at the show to tell me how moved he was by the tribute and that it meant the world to him (as his email did to me…).

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