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Dream Theater Live at Sparks, Deer Park, Long Island, NY 1992 (Second Show, Best Version on YouTube)

Introduction 0:00
The Simpsons Theme Intro Tape 0:36
Metropolis 1:48
Under A Glass Moon 11:21
Only A Matter of Time 18:55 (John falls @ 21:40)
Surrounded 25:43
Pull Me Under 31:30
Ytse Jam 40:09 (with drum solo @ 44:04)
Moon Bubbles 48:27
Another Day 53:12
Another Hand 57:34
The Killing Hand 59:46
Take the Time 1:08:21
Wait for Sleep (full band version with improvised intro) 1:19:50
Learning to Live 1:23:30 (F# passage @1:30:27)

What an incredible show! Since this took place only one week into the Images and Words tour, James sounds nearly perfect. Every DT fan in the world needs to hear his incredible performance of The Killing Hand here. The band also does a great performance of a special instrumental called Moon Bubbles, which is a partially-improvised jam that both Johns would play together at every show on the first leg of the Images and Words tour. It’s a shame that the video quality isn’t better, though. There strangely seems to be less mid-range and more tape hiss during Metropolis, and the audio suddenly gets louder right before Moon Bubbles. My copy also seems to have been converted to PAL format, since it plays at 50 FPS (de-interlaced) instead of 60. CD bootlegs of this concert are fairly common (often circulating under the name “Home Sweet Home”), but video bootlegs of it are quite rare, despite there being many YouTube videos from this show. This is the bands’ second time playing Sparks in 1992, and their 8th time playing there in total. The band played there 6 times in 1986, back when the venue was known as Stage Door.

I apologize for randomly disappearing again. I started working on this video in late May, but I became very busy throughout June, so I couldn’t finish this until now.

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Wouldn’t it be great to go see a Dream Theater concert?.

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