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DREAM THEATER~"2019 Distance Over Time Tour" Live (4K) @ Revention Music Center Hou TX

DREAM THEATER Live (4K) @ Revention Music Center Houston TX 4-30-19 (4K–100mbs–48Khz) “Distance Over Time tour”
Act 1:
00:00:00 Untethered Angel
00:05:32 A Nightmare to Remember
00:20:18 Fall Into the Light
00:29:14 Barstool Warrior
00:35:48 In the Presence of Enemies Part I
Pale Blue Dot

Act 2: Metropolis, Part 2: Scenes From a Memory
00:44:12 Overture 1928
00:47:40 Strange Déjà Vu
00:52:44 Through My Words
01:00:34 Beyond This Life
01:11:16 Through Her Eyes
01:17:42 Home
The Dance of Eternity

01:30:42 One Last Time
01:34:17 The Spirit Carries On
01:41:04 Finally Free
01:51:33 Pull Me Under
Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory CELEBRATING 20 YEARS
Band Members
– John Petrucci – (guitars)
(Liquid Tension Experiment, Explorers Club, G3, Nightmare Cinema)
– John Myung – bass
(Platypus, the Jelly Jam, Explorers Club, Gordian Knot, Nightmare Cinema)
– James LaBrie – vocals
(Winter Rose, Ayreon, MullMuzzler, True Symphonic Rockestra (The 3 Rock Tenors), Sebastian Bach, Fates Warning, Shadow Gallery, Explorers Club)
– Jordan Rudess – keyboards
(Speedway Boulevard, Dixie Dregs, Liquid Tension Experiment, John Petrucci, Rod Morgenstein, David Bowie)
– Mike Mangini – percussion
(John Petrucci, G3, Steve Vai, Extreme, Annihilator, James LaBrie, Tribe of Judah, Shredding the Envelope, Dave Reffett) http://dreamtheater.net/ http://johnpetrucci.com/
https://www.jordanrudess.com/ http://www.jameslabrie.com/
http://mikemangini.com/ http://www.tsr-project.com/index2.php

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Wouldn’t it be great to go see a Dream Theater concert?.

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