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Frank Zappa NYC Palladium 1981

October 31, 1981 (early & late shows)

0:00:00 Black Napkins (late show)
0:04:00 Montana (late show)
0:07:48 Easy Meat (late show)
0:14:37 Beauty Knows No Pain (late show)
0:17:33 Charlie’s Enormous Mouth (late show)
0:21:13 Fine Girl (late show)
0:24:26 Teen-age Wind (late show)
0:27:28 Harder Than Your Husband (late show)
0:30:02 Bamboozled By Love (late show)
0:35:33 We’re Turning Again (early show)
0:40:37 Alien Orifice (early show)
0:45:51 Flakes (early show)
0:51:05 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes (early show)
0:55:11 You Are What You Is (early show)
0:58:56 Mudd Club (early show)
1:01:49 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing (early show)
1:05:01 Dumb All Over (early show)
1:10:43 Heavenly Bank Account (early show)
1:14:49 Suicide Chump (early show)
1:16:50 Jumbo Go Away (early show)
1:20:42 Stevie’s Spanking (late show)
1:26:43 The Torture Never Stops (late show)
1:38:35 Strictly Genteel (early & late show)
1:45:13 The Illinois Enema Bandit (late show)

Music performed by
Frank Zappa—guitar, vocal
Ray White—guitar, vocal
Tommy Mars—keyboards, vocal
Scott Thunes—bass, vocal
Chad Wackerman—drums
Ed Mann—percussion, vocal
Bobby Martin—keyboards, sax, vocal
Steve Vai—guitar, vocal

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Frank Zappa was one of the most talented musicians of our lifetime. His live shows were acclaimed as the best in the world. Let’s relive some of that Zappa magic.

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