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Frank Zappa & The Grand Wazoo Orchestra 9-16-1972

1. Soundcheck/tuning
2. Big Swifty
The Adventures of Gregory Peccary:
3. Intro
4. 1st movement: Gregory wakes up & drives to work
5. 2nd movement: Gregory invents the calendar
6. 3rd movement: Gregory is attacked by the Hunchmen
7. 4th movement: The New Brown Clouds
8. Preamble to Think It Over
9. Think It Over
10. Preamble To Dog Meat
11. Dog Meat
12. Preamble To Penis Dimension
13. Penis Dimension
14. Variant Processional March/Regyptian Strut
15. Post-FZ Announcement

Jay Migliori; flute, saxophone, clarinet
Mike Altschul; piccolo, bass clarinet
Ray Reed; saxophone, clarinet
Charles Owen; saxophone, clarinet
Joanne Caldwell McNab; bassoon
Earle Dumler; oboe
Jerry Kessler; cello
Malcolm McNab; trumpet
Sal Marquez; trumpet
Tom Malone; tuba
Bruce Fowler; trombone
Glenn Ferris; trombone
Ken Shroyer; trombone
Ian Underwood; synthesizer, elec piano
Jim Gordon; drums
Dave Parlato, bass
Tony Duran; slide guitar
Tom Raney; percussion
Ruth Underwood; percussion
Frank Zappa; guitar, conductor

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