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Frank Zappa & The Mothers (Beat-Club 1968) [UHD 4K 60FPS]

The Raw Uncut Broadcast, Frank Zappa with Live Sound Mixing on Beat Club in 1968.

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01 Noodling, soundcheck, tuning up
02 Improvisation in A
03 Boogie Shuffle in A
04 Don Preston’s Dental Problem
05 King Kong
06 The String Quartet
Pound For A Brown
Sleeping in a Jar
Jam in E
07 Uncle Meat
08 Lohengrin
09 Let’s Make The Water Turn Black
10 Octandre

It’s basically 40 minutes of never before seen black & white footage that was cut from the broadcast.This version is the whole show starting from the clapperboard through the partial King Kong we already know from the broadcast.

Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention

Frank Zappa & The Mothers (Beat-Club 1968) [UHD 4K 60FPS] Views: 3920

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Frank Zappa was one of the most talented musicians of our lifetime. His live shows were acclaimed as the best in the world. Let’s relive some of that Zappa magic.

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