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Live Music Genesis • Live in Poland 1998 • Full Concert

Genesis-Live-31/1/1998, Spodek, Katowice, Poland.

The Band:

Ray Wilson-lead vocals, percussion, harmonica
Mike Rutherford-guitar,bass, backing vocals
Tony Banks-keyboards,guitar, backing vocals
Anthony Drennan-guitar,bass, backing vocals
Nir Zidkyahu–drums, percussion, backing vocals

Setlist [songs marked “-” are not included in this footage]:

1.No Son Of Mine [-]
2.Land of Confusion 0:06
3.The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway 5:20
4.Calling All Stations 11:57
5.Alien Afternoon 19:02
6.The Carpet Crawlers 27:54
7.There Must Be Some Other Way 32:53
8.Domino 42:20
9.Shipwrecked 53:22
10.Firth of Fifth 59:15
11.Congo 1:04:28
12.Home By The Sea 1:11:20
13.Second Home By The Sea 1:16:40
14.Dancing By The Moonlit Knight 1:23:05
15.Follow You Follow Me 1:25:18
16.Supper’s Ready 1:28:14
17.Mama 1:30:35
18.The Dividing Line 1:37:20
19.Invisible Touch 1:48:44
20.Turn It On Again [-]
21.Throwing It All Away [-]
22.I Can’t Dance [-]

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