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Live Music Genesis – 1992/07/17 – Live in Munich, Germany {Full FM Broadcast}

Genesis live at the Olympic Stadium, Munich, Germany, during their We Can’t Dance Tour in 1992.
Radio broadcast quality A

00:00 – No Son Of Mine;
07:03 – Driving The Last Spike;
19:20 – Old Medley (Dance On A Volcano/The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/The Musical Box/Firth Of Fifth/I Know What I Like);
39:14 – Throwing It All Away;
45:43 – Fading Lights;
58:03 – Jesus He Knows Me;
01:03:17 – Hold On My Heart;
01:09:19 – I Can’t Dance;
01:16:24 – Tonight, Tonight, Tonight;
01:20:00 – Invisible Touch;
01:25:42 – Turn It On Again.

Phil Collins – lead vocals, drums, percussion; Mike Rutherford – guitars, bass guitars, bass pedals; backing vocals; Tony Banks – keyboards, backing vocals; Daryl Stuermer – guitars, bass guitars, backing vocals; Chester Thompson – drums, percussion.

Like some people use to say, “everything has its first time”. This upload reflects very well the idea. Requested (hopelessly) by my very good friend Leinad Groob, my first upload of the We Can’t Dance Tour will be Munich 1992, not only because it’s a excellent radio broadcast, but because it was in Germany, considering that Leinad is a german boy, and he sure loves his country! I’ll have to be quite honest to say that the We Can’t Dance Tour is one of my least favourite Genesis tours ever (i just hope Leinad doesn’t get upset due my point of view!), due lots of motives: firstly that the We Can’t Dance album itself isn’t my favourite by far, and after five years without touring, the band decided to drop most of the songs of the IT Tour setlist (including the In The Cage Medley), and started playing the (in)famous “Old Medley” (wich featured snippets of several songs from their prog rock era, on a combination that at least for me makes absolutely no sense) and left the 70% of the setlist with songs from the Invisible Touch and We Can’t Dance albums. Also, Tony changed a lot his keyboard set, and started playing digital synthesizers with some awful soundings (especially in comparision with the original Hammond Organ, CP 80 and Mellotron’s at the older songs), and Phil’s electronic drums/rythm box is all over the place throghout the songs, wich quite irritates me! But leaving outside the personal bias, i assume the show itself isn’t bad! Although Phil’s voice starts the show a bit rough on the higher notes (he struggles on the higher “NOW!” parts of The Musical Box), it improves quite a bit as the show progresses, becoming in great shape after the middle of the set. The rest of the band is also in great form as the usual, performing songs without any mistakes being done! The highlight of the show is a top version of Fading Lights, on wich Tony’s new keyboards work wonderfully throghout the instrumental section! Phil also sings snippets of That’s All, Illegal Alien, Your Own Special Way, Follow You Follow Me and Stagnation during the instrumental break of I Know What I Like (can i believe that songs from 1983 are considered “Old” now?!?!). Sad news about the show: Land Of Confusion, Home By The Sea and Domino are missing from this broadcast. There IS actually an complete audience tape out there, but it isn’t currently on my collection 🙁

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