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Live Music Genesis – The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Live 1974/5 Movie

Here is the completed project, not perfect, but I like it. I also formatted this baby to widescreen and here it is, on the year of its 40th birthday, I give you this film while, also, I am 17 coincidentally the same age Rael was. The film is not complete straight up video because not enough film exists, so in some places, instead of photos of the band, I used the slideshow that was used so those of us out there who couldnt be at the actual concerts could now see at least some of the slides they missed out on. This is the COMPLETE Toronto concert from December 74, however, and by that I mean I’ve got the intros in there and all the songs in complete form and uncut. For Watcher of the Skies, yes the audio is from the Toronto show and the video is from Shepperton 73. Not enough video exists of that song from the lamb tour and as far as I know, there were no slides for that song, but I still wanted some visual for the song and I still wanted to present the whole concert and not cut a single song or intro or applaud section, so yeah. But also I chose the audio from the 74 Toronto Show because I wanted something different from the Shrine show so I chose Toronto. It’s not perfect but I have worked hard on this project and hope to improve it more someday down the road, and I’d like to give credit for the footage and the audio to all those who have found and shared footage over the years, I give them complete credit for all this, I’m just the kid who put it all together and made a, hopefully nice, presentation out of it. Enjoy.

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