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Jason Falkner at The Mohawk, Austin TX 2010-06-19

Jason’s set from a show he did in Austin, Texas in 2010. Video isn’t the best (I cared more about actually watching the show, so I wasn’t really paying super close attention to my cinematography), but the audio is clearer than any other clip I’ve seen, so I hope you can enjoy it anyway! Recorded with a Zoom Q3 which doesn’t have HD, so that’s why it’s all grainy and stuff.

Set list:
This Time (I’m OK, You’re OK)
I Live (Presents Author Unknown)
She’s Not The Enemy (Necessity)
Wicked Annabella – Kinks cover (Everyone Says It’s On)
Feeling No Pain (Bliss Descending)
She Goes To Bed (Presents Author Unknown)
Holiday (Can You Still Feel)
The Man I Used To Be – Jellyfish (Bellybutton)
Miss Understanding (Presents Author Unknown)

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