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Alive In An Ultra World – Steve Vai (full live album)

live album: Alive In An Ultra World
artist: Steve Vai
recorded: 2000
released: 2001
genre: Rock ‘N’ Roll
label: Epic Records

track listing:

Giant Balls Of Gold: 0:00
Burning Rain: 4:46
The Black Forest: 9:36
Alive In An Ultra World: 16:22
Devil’s Food: 20:07
Blood And Glory: 30:21
Whispering A Prayer: 35:11
Iberian Jewel: 44:07
The Power Of Bombos: 48:35
Incantation: 53:42
Light Of The Moon: 1:02:38
Babushka: 1:08:20
Being With You (In Paris): 1:15:32
Principessa: 1:21:27
Brandos Costumes (Gentle Ways): 1:27:25


Steve Vai: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Tak Matsumoto: Rhythm Guitar
Mike Keneally: Keyboards
John Sergio: Bass
Gregg Bissonette: Drums
Andy Cleaves: Trumpet
Duane Benjamin: Trombone
Niels Bye Nielson: Orchestra

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Help Steve Vai become the most well-known artist on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdkBa5GZKEAfiTjqfqotWhQ

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