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Dixie Dregs – Live – King Biscuit Flower Hour, Atlanta April 22nd 1982

Edited in Audacity

Rumors, Atlanta April 22nd 1982

Steve Morse – Guitar
Mark O’Connor – Electric Violin, Guitar
T. Lavitz – Keyboards, Saxophone
Andy West – Bass
Rod Morgenstein – Drums
Alex Ligertwood – Vocals*

01-00:00:00 Assembly Line

02-00:02:17 Take It Off The Top

03-00:06:21 Twiggs Approved

04-00:10:07 Where’s Dixie

05-00:14:14 Odyssey

06-00:22:25 Bloodsucking Leeches

07-00:26:48 Rock & Roll Park

08-00:32:00 Nimrods~Ricket’s Hornpipes

09-00:33:42 Chips Ahoy

10-00:37:52 Vitamin Q

11-00:44:09 Crank It Up*

12-00:48:13 The Bash

13-00:56:17 Cruise Control

14-01:11:01 Punk Sandwich

15-01:14:38 Pride ‘o The Farm

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