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For the Love of God (Live) by Steve Vai Full Band FC #3977

Andrew messaged me one day saying something along the lines of “I’m going to work on for the love on god and we should try it soon”. Well work on it he did and he learned it incredibly fast and this only took 3 tries to get. I don’t understand how good some people are at the game. Once he learns something and gets it down, the amount of consistency this boy has is incredible and you’ll see just how incredible some of his accomplishments are a little later in this countdown. (wink wink hint hint) There are a few absolute gems on the way so to quote a fairly new anime that I’ve started watching you guys should “Get Excited”. Special props in the next description I write to any who know the show I’m referring to. (It may be like a week from now since I write these roughly a week or so in advance).
– Benjamin

Guitar – Andrew

Bass – Benjamin

Pro Drums – Steven

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