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Porcupine Tree – Coma​:​Coda [Full Live Album]

Porcupine Tree recorded their Coma Divine live album at the Frontiera Club, Rome in March 1997 over the course of three nights. The album was largely taken from the third night, meaning they’ve been sitting on two additional night’s worth of material for years.

Porcupine Tree has now uploaded the second night of recording to Bandcamp under the title Coma:Coda.

All rights reserved to Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson and affiliates.


0:00 Intro/Signify
7:09 Cryogenics/Dark Matter
17:55 Idiot Prayer
25:24 Nine Cats
29:09 Every Home is Wired
32:12 Dislocated Day (incomplete)
36:01 Radioactive Toy
49:39 Voyage 34 Phase II


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