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Porcupine Tree Dark Matter LIVE Reaction

Two counselors, teachers and music lovers give a first time, single-take, insightful and honest reaction to Porcupine Tree’s LIVE performance of “Dark Matter”.

Official Video – https://youtu.be/OSSC_2Uwl9w

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ENOMA stands for Easygoing Native Outsiders Making Assessments.

We make and serve you soulful music reactions on a regular basis….

We are counselors and teachers by day, YouTube reactors by night.

As experienced counselors and music lovers, we can react to almost any music on YouTube.

As body language and communication skills trainers, we can give an expert assessment of music we react to.

Counselors and trainers by profession, we love analyzing things while doing things that enhance the quality of life.

When it comes to music, we don’t react to only one genre but enjoy creating reaction videos to varied genres and styles of music.

We invest lots of time in learning about music, movies and varied topics that help us create great reactions for our subscribers.

We’ve been on the internet for over 2 decades encompassing 800+ million views for our content.

We’ve started creating reaction videos on ENOMA only since May 2018.

Enoma mostly consists of Kirti & Savio DSilva. We are the couple who appear on most reaction videos.

You can learn more about what we do during the day on Enoma dot in (https :// enoma . in)

Thank you YOUTUBE for providing easygoing ‘native’ outsiders like us with such an amazing platform to showcase our assessment skills with everyone.

We are certainly enjoying our journey, taking it one single reaction at a time…

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