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Porcupine Tree – Live at Stoke (11/1/1997) [full concert] – Early Stupid Dream material

This was one of the first ever shows on the Signify tour to feature early Stupid Dream material! Great to hear the slight changes that occurred over time to “Even Less” in particular – the lyrics seem to change night to night. At this point the full-length arrangement was still 16 minutes, not the 14 minute arrangement that would become familiar to us through Recordings. This change seemed to happen after the 1998 tour when the band began to record the rough takes for the album (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unKENdzBmPg)

Also, note that SW says that “Ambulance Chasing” was definitely going to be on the album and that it could end up being the title track (he also said this on other shows on the tour). A shame it didn’t end up on the album.

If you’re short on time definitely check out the performances of “Even Less”, “This is no Rehearsal”, “Moonloop (Coda)” (they rarely ever did this by itself), “Ambulance Chasing” and “Voyage 34” (the band was on fire).

Even Less (full length, early) – 0:00
Signify – 16:28
Waiting (Phase One) – 23:04
Waiting (Phase Two) – 27:42
Sleep of No Dreaming – 33:15
Up the Downstair – 38:42
This is no Rehearsal (early) – 46:16
The Moon Touches Your Shoulder – 51:05
Ambulance Chasing (early) – 57:00
Moonloop (Coda) – 1:04:00
Voyage 34 (Phase One) – 1:08:02


Dislocated Day – 1:20:34
Radioactive Toy (short) – 1:29:05

In 1997, Porcupine Tree was:

Steven Wilson – vocals, guitars
Richard Barberi – synthesizers
Colin Edwin – fretless bass
Chris Maitland – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Audience recording – November 1st, 1997

To learn more about Stupid Dream and its tours, visit: https://neuralrustsite.wordpress.com/stupid-dream/ as well as https://neuralrustsite.wordpress.com/signify/


Thanks to the Porcupine Tree Archive Project for sending me the audio!

Expect more content in the near future – I apologize for the long gap! I have a lot of new shows to sort through now, so expect some cherry picking for rare versions of tracks.


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