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Steve Vai ‎– 2009 – Where The Wild Things Are – DVD 1.

Live at the State Theatre – Minneapolis,

Tracklist :

1-1 Paint Me Your Face
1-2 Now We Run
1-3 Oooo
1-4 Building The Church
1-5 Tender Surrender
1-6 Band Intros
1-7 Fire Wall
1-8 The Crying Machine
1-9 Shove The Sun Aside
1-10 I’m Becoming
1-11 Die To Live
1-12 Freak Show Excess
1-13 Apples In Paradise
1-14 All About Eve
Steel Guitar [Lap] – Zack Wiesinger
1-15 Gary 7
1-16 Beastly Rap
1-17 Treasure Island
1-18 Angel Food
1-19 Earthquake Sky

Bass – Bryan Beller
Drums – Jeremy Colson
Executive Producer – Steve Vai
Guitar – Steve Vai
Producer – Greg Wurth
Violin – Alex DePue, Ann Marie Calhoun
Vocals – Steve Vai

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