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Steve Vai Answers live in Tokyo July 8th 2014

Filmed & edited by Jason McNamara in Tokyo. www.jasonmcnamara.net

This was filmed entirely with GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition cameras. It is simply a one off video made with Steve’s permission here for you all to enjoy Steve Vai as you’ve never seen him before.

The audio was a mixture of from the desk (it was the LIVE mix, sadly no multi-track with a chance for a post mix) and I also blended the GoPro mic on Dave’s side in the left channel as well as the GoPro mic Phillip’s side in the right channel because the desk has no ambient mics.

Steve Vai GoPro extras from Answers live in Tokyo 2014 is at… http://youtu.be/nNYp3DXF5Cs

Guitar: Steve Vai
2nd Guitar: Dave Weiner
Bass: Philip Bynoe
Drums: Jeremy Colson

Jason wishes to thank Moridaira for their ongoing support and for loaning some additional cameras for this shoot.

Also a big thank you to Billboard Live Tokyo for allowing me to shoot in their beautiful venue.

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