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Tangerine Dream – Coventry 1975

0:00:00 – Part One [32.20]
0:32:20 – Part Two [38.44]
1:11:04 – Part Three [18.36]

October 04, 1975
Coventry Cathedral
Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann

Tangerine Leaves Volume 6: Coventry 1975 presents a master tape recording of Tangerine Dream’s first gig during their UK tour in autumn of 1975. Like most recordings used for the Tangerine Leaves side project, the sound quality is average only, but still it is interesting for those who love the old TD mellotron sound. The first track is very atmospheric and non-sequenced, the second track however has lots of variety.

Tangerine Leaves Volume 6.

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