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Tangerine Dream Live in Athens 1983 TV-Video

I have decided to upload the video for the Fans of Tangerine Dream worldwide here on my channel. But maybe I have not the permission to make it visible here on this platform. If this is the case, please feel free to contact me and I will delete this video as soon as possible. Please use the comments function here on YouTube to let me know. In respect of the owners and creators. Thank You!

This video clip is in colour and the quality is not bad for an analogue TV transmission from the early 1980 years.
The first six minutes are an short interview with Edgar Froese, Christoph Franke and Johannes Schmoelling, then follows the concert.
The Tracks are: Poland, Tangent, Horizon (Intro only), Logos Part One, Logos Part Two, Horizon (Ending), Logos Part Two ending (aka The Price) and a short Choronzon version from a other source.

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