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The Canterbury Scene on BBC Prog Rock Britannia [2008]

Video source © BBC Worldwide. All rights reserved. Stills © their respected owners. All rights reserved. ‘Beat Club’ and the Beat Club video source © Studio Hamburg Distribution & Marketing GmbH. All rights reserved. ‘Magic Man’, ‘Ride’ and ‘Where But For Caravan Would I?’ © The Decca Music Group. All rights reserved. ‘Feelin’ Alright’ © Caravan © Wienerworld Limited. All rights reserved. ‘Impotence’ © Voiceprint. All rights reserved. Other music © their respected owners. All rights reserved.

First broadcast in 2008, this is the BBC documentary focusing on the British progressive rock movement of the late 1960s and it’s disappearance towards the era of punk. It also interestingly features the Canterbury Scene including interviews with Richard Coughlan and Robert Wyatt.

We have edited the documentary in this upload to feature only those interviews and other relevant Caravan / Canterbury sections. Remaining non Canterbury Scene material is included only for editorial reasons, where it would have been difficult to jump cut/fade, also the closing sequence because it’s a nice summary with an eccentric moment, then I really wanted to use Pye’s song Feelin’ Alright for the credits in place of the original as broadcast song. For the whole documentary you can find that elsewhere pretty easily or contact BBC Worldwide if in doubt.

Special props to anyone that can guess which Caravan track drummer Richard Coughlan is playing his thighs to in the introduction.

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