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"Way Out of Here" – Josie Charlwood (Live Porcupine Tree cover)

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“Way Out Of Here” is a song by Porcupine Tree. I felt I’d include the lyrics here as they are very powerful and meaningful I think. Hope you enjoy the cover!


Out at the train tracks, I dream of escape
But a song comes onto my iPod and I realise it’s getting late

I can’t take the staring, and the sympathy
And I don’t like the questions “How do you feel? How’s it going in school? Do you wanna talk about it?..”

Way out, way out of here
Fade out, fade out vanish

I’ll try to forget you, and I know that I will
In a thousand years, or maybe a week
I’ll burn all your pictures, cut out your face

And the shutters are down, and the curtains are closed
and I’ve covered my tracks, disposed of the car
And I’ll try to forget, even your name
and the way that you look
When you’re sleeping, dreaming of this

Way out, way out of here,
Fade out, fade out vanish

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