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Weightless and relaxation

Marconi Union

Weightless, the most relaxing track in the world?- A Mindlab Study
TIME magazine called it one of the best inventions of the year. Mindlab (http://themindlab.co.uk/) monitors physiological arousal to qualify the relaxing properties of the track created by Marconi Union for Radox Spa with sound therapist Lyz Cooper.

This story is a case of the press getting over eager with their reporting. Mindlab conducted a small study over in 2011 to look at the relaxing effect of a shortlist of 16 music tracks (chosen through survey). We measured relaxation with skin conductance (electrodermal activity). We had a sample of 20 people. this was a pilot PR project for a commercial client ‘Radox’ The story gets recycled every couple of years.

We found that the Marconi Union was the most relaxing track of the ones we tested. We very much doubt it’s the most relaxing in the world!

Weightless and relaxation

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