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Yes – 1974/12/01 – Live in Baton Rouge, LA {Full Concert}

Yes live at the Louisiana State University, during their Relayer Tour.
Audience recording quality A-

*One of the best taped shows from the 1974 leg of the Relayer Tour, this energetic show finds one of the very rare moments of the band using a organ during Ritual (apparently Moraz’ electric piano acted up, and he was forced to play his lines on the keyboard right behind it!). The “Remembering” and “Revealing” references on it are pretty gorgeous as well!

00:00 – Firebird Suite;
02:48 – Sound Chaser;
12:34 – Close To The Edge;
32:54 – To Be Over;
43:34 – The Gates Of Delirium;
01:04:51 – And You And I;
01:14:12 – Ritual;
01:39:06 – Roundabout.

Jon Anderson (vocals, guitars, percussion)
Steve Howe (guitars)
Chris Squire (bass)
Patrick Moraz (keyboards)
Alan White (drums)

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