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Yes live in Richfield [19-9-1978] – Full Show

Yes live at the Richfield coliseum, Richfield, Ohio, USA, September 19th 1978, Tormato tour

Steve Howe – Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals
Rick Wakeman – Keyboards
Chris Squire – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Alan White – Drums
Jon Anderson – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Intro ~~ Siberian Khatru; 11:05 Heart Of the Sunrise; 20:59 Future Times/Rejoice; 27:53 Circus Of Heaven; 32:53 ”Time and a Medley” (Time and a Word, Long Distance Rundaround, The Fish, Pepetual Change, Soon – Just listen to the whole thing); 57:49 Don’t Kill The Whale; 1:01:58 Madrigal ~~ Clap; 1:07:12 Starship Trooper; 1:16:42 On The Silent Wings Of Freedom; 1:25:15 Wakeman Soloing; 1:29:46 Awaken; 1:45:11 I’ve Seen All Good People; 1:52:53 Roundabout

-The Tormato tour is one of my favourites and I thought it deserved more love, so let’s do it!
-Are you ready for the ”best” show of this tour???? Well, then here you go!
-Why the quotation marks on best? Well, because this, despite being a FREAKING AMAZING show, all shows from this tour are like this, it’s just that on this one you can hear every single detail of it because it is a radio broadcast!!!!!!!With this SUPERB sound quality, this the upload where you can finally hear every detail, every bass bits, every line sung, every keyboard bit, every guitar rhythm and every drum beat, this is the definitive Tormato show! And despite not knowing them all, I’ll put my hand into the fire and say that, yes, all shows from this tour must be this epic, with ALL songs sounding like just it sounded in studio, plus, with AWESOME jams and epic solos, I don’t think it gets better than this, Yes, the Yes we knew, to me, finished here (I’m not even close to ignore Drama, 90125 or even fucking Open Yours Eyes, but, Yes, as we knew, eneded after this tour, and you prety much know it)
-As said above, every song sound like in studio, and it’s true; I wonder if On the Silent Wings of Freedom wasn’t actually from this show hahaha
-I believe Tormato hadn’t been released yet, so the crowd does not know its songs (I think Don’t Kill the Whale had been released, not sure)
-This should be officially released, the audio is just right for it, I listen to this as a live album, people, please, just listen to this, you all deserve it, Yes at its best, enjoy!

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