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Steve Hackett – Steve Hackett – Get 'Em Out By Friday (The Total Experience Live In Liverpool)

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The song takes the form of a futuristic play set initially in the present but ending in 2012. The song’s lyrics are split between different characters, with lead singer Peter Gabriel often adapting a different vocal style to each character.

The song starts with a fast-paced refrain of Pebble ordering Hall to “Get ’em out by Friday”. In the following verse, the Winkler tells a disbelieving Mrs Barrow that a firm of men has purchased her property and that she has been evicted. She refuses to leave, so Pebble raises the rent on the property. In lieu of this, the Winkler offers £400 for Mrs Barrow to move; she does, albeit grudgingly. Shortly after Mrs Barrow moves in, however, Pebble again raises the rent.

A slow instrumental indicates a passage of time, taking the story to the year 2012. At this time, Genetic Control has announced that they are restricting the height of all humans to four feet. This piece of news is then discussed in a pub by a man named “Joe Everybody,” who reveals the reason behind the restriction: so that Genetic Control, who has recently bought some properties, will be able to accommodate twice as many people in the same tower block.

The play contains three main characters:

John Pebble: A business man of Styx Enterprises. Near the end of the song, he has been knighted and works for United Blacksprings International.

Mark Hall (also known as “The Winkler”): A man who works for Styx Enterprises and has the task of evicting tenants.

Mrs Barrow: a tenant in a house in Harlow, purchased by Pebble.

AllMusic cited the song as “the truest sign Genesis has grown muscle without abandoning the whimsy”

Steve Hackett – Get 'Em Out By Friday (The Total Experience Live In Liverpool) LIVE MUSIC!

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