I love music!

Well – if you asked me – one of my fondest memories of living in Southern California in the 80’s was all the great concerts and live shows that I saw featuring some of the most talented musicians who ever lived.

One fond memory I have is seeing the undeground jam band Dog Cheese live on several occasions in the Los Angeles area.

I just found an old bootleg I myself had recorded (awful quality on cassette) and listened to it. despite the low budget boom box recording it remeinded me of what a great band Dog Cheese was and of the fact they never released any records (did they?)

Here is a track from Dog Cheese from what sounds like a studio recording with credits for Michael Landau, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Tavaglione, and Larry Klein.

I know guitarist Michael Landau did a few albums and his stuff was actually pretty reminiscent of the Dog Cheese sound.

What a great band!

Vinnie Colaiuta was and is one of the greatest drummers to ever live. I just saw him on Directv with Jeff  Beck – he’s still got it!

My personal dream as a musician was to one day record with Vinnie doing the drums in place of my cheesey drum work!

OK – well enough of this fond retro talk – let’s find some more tunes from these musicians of Dog Cheese fame (or lack of!)!

Here are some Dog Cheese music links for you to explore!

Michael Landau – guiatrist

Vinnie Calaiuta – drummer

Larry Klein – bassist


Tom Scott Band with Landau and Vinnie http://www.iloveconcertvideos.com/video_RROpW0xnNMc&feature=youtube_gdata_player.html

Vinnie and Friends – http://www.iloveconcertvideos.com/video_5i6RZwzS834&feature=youtube_gdata_player.html