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Mick Karn – Latin Mastock (from Each Eye a Path)

Richard Barbieri Videoss! Mick Karn, an ex-member of the 80s pioneers, Japan, was always a prolific and important musician, writing his own solo material since 1982. “Latin Mastock” features broken latin basslines, psychedelic sound design and a carefully plucked piano melody, resulting in a masterfully eerie track from ‘Each Eye A Path’, re-issued by Kscope – http://found.ee/MickKarnCollection

‘Each Eye a Path’ was Karn’s fifth solo album – listen to songs from his other works here – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5af4AxBEMs8cX8e4sC0pmIOB38z3WZc4

Originally released in 2001 on Medium Productions (Karn’s joint venture with ex Japan colleagues Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri), this powerfully inventive album featured Karn on vocals and a variety of exotic instruments. Steve Jansen (who mixed the album) also adds some typically tasteful drum and percussion parts.

This uniquely adventurous and evocative album – written and arranged between 1995 and 1999 – is minimal in terms of instrumentation, but extremely rich as regards the density of the playing and the quality of ideas on offer.

An album of mood swings – mixing darkness and light, melancholy and hope – Each Eye A Path showcases Mick Karn at his most intimate and unfettered.

Richard Barbieri, an ex-band mate with Karn in Japan, has announced his new album ‘Planets + Persona’ due to be released in March 2017. Listen to the teaser video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wx5bKmBCVYg&list=PL5af4AxBEMs9T49McASiSjf875k4vG-cq

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