MuchMusic Video Awards videos are way cool! Wanna see some?

I just recorded the Fuse tv show MuchMusic Video Awards with Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber on my DVR and have started watching it. It’s great! Even if you’re not totally into pop music and the top 40 charts you should be in touch with what is going on in music.

If you haven’t been watching the Fuse channel you’ve really been missing out! I get DirecTV so I have always dug Fuse as much or more than MTV! The MuchMusic Video Awards is a 2 hour show and featires some cool musical performance.

I will dig up some of the videos and link to them here!

So the Awards show kicks off with a great live performance by Miley Cyrus

Here is a link to a cool recording with a rehearsal of Miley Cyrus singing Party In The USA at the MuchMusic Awards.

You can also search the I Love Concert Videos site for MuchMusic Video Awards Miley Cyrus or try Miley Concert

Here is the clip with Miley introducing Katy Perry who sings California Girls

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Have fun! There are a ton of cool videos and of course – try searching for your own combinations of words! It’s amazing how many cool live performance videos are available!