I love music!

I know I am not alone because I have found there are an awful lot of people that love the music of Patrick O’Hearn.

Patrick O’Hearn jamming with Tony Williams Live

While a lot of his fans may not go back as far as following him when Patrick O’Hearn was the bass player for the Frank Zappa Band – or even back when I saw him LIVE with Group 87 in the 80’s – it is most likely the great majority of fans know of him starting with his new age explosion with Ancient Dreams back in 1985.

Between Two Worlds and Rivers Gonna Rise along with Eldorado are what I consider the base of the classic Patrick O’Hearn sound.

His solo work since then has been impressive and for the most part he has stayed true to his earlier style. I could complain he strayed a bit too much over the years, but I will just say I am happy he is pretty much back in his best form performing unique original music in the classic Patrick O’Hearn Style.