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Rare Steve Morse stuff – part 2

Rare Steve Morse stuf!!

– Steve Morse in Kansas video Can’t Cry anymore, 1986
– Steve Morse and Dave LaRue playing On The Pipe and Steve demonstrating his alternate picking technique in the MuchMusic tv show in Toronto, Canada with host Erica Ehm, 1989 or 1990
– Steve Morse Band playing Simple Simon and Sleaze Factor and doing an interview on the MuchMusic tv show in Toronto Canada, 1991
– Steve Morse in Kansas video All I wanted + Steve Morse and Steve Walsh (Kansas) interview snippet, 1986
– Steve with Dixie Dregs playing Take It Off The Top medley on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 1993
– Steve Morse playing guitar and violin in a Kansas live show, probably 1991

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Steve Morse Live Music Video at I Love Concert Videos!

The guitarist Steve Morse is a force to be reckoned with. His talents on the frets are nothing short of amazing. Whether with the Dixie Dregs, The Dregs, The Steve Morse Band or any of his more diverse performances the music of this musician live is a wonder to behold. Enjoy!