I love music!

Is Spotify the same as Pandora? Is Pandora better? are there other services as good as either?

While there are some conflicting theories as to whether Spotify runined it’s leading position as a music radio powerhouse with it’s recent software update, it still can be said that using the free service is still a fun experience.

Yes, lots of people are now saying Spotify sucks – but is there anything that is really better? Is Pandora better?

Look at the radio in Spotify. It sure looks more like Pandora.

I use it to find new music.

Simply find an artist you already like and start playing the radio. It’s similar to Last.fm without the graphics.

Simply skip ahead until you find something you like that you have not starred yet. Then go investigate the artists other songs and boom – you have a huge stash of new music to listen to.

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