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Steve Morse solo ★ Deep Purple ★ great audio ★ live Warner Theatre Washington DC 2019

Steve Morse guitar solo. Deep Purple live at Warner Theatre, Washington, DC, USA on October 2, 2019. The Long Goodbye Tour.

Actually, this is the first part of Uncommon Man, which people believe is Steve’s solo in the setlist. Steve does improvise and extend it a bit, but it is the beginning of Uncommon Man — not his guitar solo per se. You can see the full version of Uncommon Man here ⇒ https://youtu.be/GtFCjGJL1uo

GUITAR PLAYERS: I added some split screen closeups of Steve’s playing in the full version, if you want to learn what he plays. You can slow the clip down by changing the playback speed under settings. I suggest using “custom” speed to your liking. 0.6 is the sweet spot for me. Amazingly slowing the video down doesn’t change the pitch. Best Youtube feature ever!!

Deep Purple #deeppurple
Ian Paice ★ Drums #IanPaice
Ian Gillan ★ Vocals #IanGillan
Roger Glover ★ Bass #RogerGlover
Steve Morse ★ Guitar #SteveMorse
Don Airey ★ Keyboards #DonAirey

Thank you Jon, Ritchie, Ian, Nick, Rod, Ian, Roger, Glenn, David, Tommy, Joe Lynn, Joe, Steve and Don for all the Deep Purple memories over the last 5 decades. 

D E E P . P U R P L E 


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Steve Morse Live Music Video at I Love Concert Videos!

The guitarist Steve Morse is a force to be reckoned with. His talents on the frets are nothing short of amazing. Whether with the Dixie Dregs, The Dregs, The Steve Morse Band or any of his more diverse performances the music of this musician live is a wonder to behold. Enjoy!