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Steve Vai – "Whispering a Prayer" (HD) – Live at the House Of Blues Cleveland 9-24-2012

I love to rock!

Porcupine Tree – The Incident – New album – Studio Report

Porcupine Tree (live @Tilburg) – What Happens Now ?

I love to rock!

Allan Holdsworth, Jimmy Haslip, Virgil Donati at Canyon Club, January 22 2015

Frank Zappa live in Perth, Australia 1976-01-28 (complete concert)

Non Brewed Condiment- Allan Holdsworth Tribute Concerts

Joe Satriani live at Bospop 2000

I love to rock!

Steve Morse of Deep Purple on performing "Smoke On The Water"

I love to rock!

Mike Keneally- SOAL Night Live Episode #5 (Satriani, Vai, Zappa sideman)

Allan Holdsworth & Alan Pasqua – Red Alert

Zappa's Universe – Dirty Love

DREAM THEATER – Surrounded – John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess Solo

I love to rock!

Steve Hackett – Steve Hackett – Firth of Fifth Solo (Budapest 2004)

Joe Satriani – Wormhole Wizards Live 2011

I love to rock!

Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller Workshop (11/14/03) Springfield, MA Part 2

Joe Satriani – Surfing with the Alien (Live 2015 in Netherlands)

I love to rock!

2003 Allan Holdsworth Live in Carlsbad California

Steve Morse – Dixie Dregs – American Bandstand tv show – February 22, 1982

I love to rock!

"I'm The Hell Out Of Here" G3 live Steve Vai (coop) Guitar Hero 3

I love to rock!

Adrian Belew One man Show 2010 'Painting with guitar' LIVE

Jam Band. Gongzilla 'Crosscurrents' Japan 2004

Joe Satriani – 9. Surfing With the Alien – live at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, Calif. June 2000

I love to rock!


Allan Holdsworth Trio – Fred

Franks Zappa's The Gumbo Variations solo(s) – Dweezil Zappa, LIVE IN LONDON, ON, 2019

I love to rock!
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