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Jordan Rudess & Charlie Zeleny Duo: Screaming Head LIVE

I love to rock!

Mike Keneally with the Aristocrats

Cornbread Crumb – Mike Keneally Band

Mike Keneally "Hallmark" from Scambot 1

Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins – "2001" Live At Johnny D's Uptown, Somerville MA – Nov 14, 2001

DEADLY NIGHTSHADE- BRAND – X Live at the Bottom Line NYC 1978 TOUR

I love to rock!

Live Music Genesis 1980 — Deep in the Motherload

I love to rock!

Mike Keneally – Paranoid Android (Live Riffs Bar)

Transatlantic – The Whirlwind [Full Song]

I love to rock!

Live Music Genesis Live 1992 Knebworth Jesus He Knows Me (Better Quality)

I love to rock!

Keneally- Beller Inca Roads by Frank Zappa

Pierre Moerlen's Gong – Downwind (performed by José Manuel Guerra)

Mike Keneally With The Aristocrats – Zomby Woof (Frank Zappa Cover) (Reaction)

Live Music Genesis – Invisible Touch (Live)

I love to rock!

Mike Keneally – "I'm Raining Here, Inside" At Actual Speed

Mike Keneally – "Time Table" (Genesis cover 1998)

Gong "Isle Of Everywhere (Live)" (Part 2)

Mike Keneally & the Metropole Orchestra – "Archaic Peace Strategies"

Gong "Master Builder (Live)"

Mike Keneally Trio – My Dilemma

Missing Persons Rehersal 2.

Mike Keneally Guitar Solo for The Spirit of Radio – Sonic Elements

Dream Theater – Once In a LIVEtime (Full Concert) 1998

Dream Theater – The Dark Eternal Night

All Of The Above Pt 1- Transatlantic

I love to rock!
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