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The Tubes, Jesus Bongo, 1973

An early Tubes performance on KEMO TV San Francisco.

Early Timeline for The Tubes

*1969, Prairie Prince is accepted to the Art Institute in San Francisco. Moves with his band The Red, White and Blues band which includes guitarist Roger Steen and bassist David Killingsworth. Michael Cotten also is accepted to the Institute.

*1970, Red, white and Blues Band changes name to “Arizon” and performs at The World’s Fair in Osaka, Japan.

*The Beans; Bill Spooner, Vince Welnick, Rick Anderson and Drummer Bob Macintosh move to San Francisco. Crash at the Red White and Blues band house, the “Noriega Hilton” after getting booted from their house.

*David Killingsworth leaves RWB band, Roger, Prairie and roadie Fee Waybill join Beans onstage as “Radar Men from Uranus” during several gigs at the Art Institute.

*1972-73 The two bands join forces with roadie Waybill as different characters, perform themed sets at Chatue Liberte’and Uncle Sams. Themed sets of music include a Country set as “Cowboy Fee”, a Rock set as “Rod Plant” and Funk set as “Jesus Bongo”

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